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“Wag more bark less”

“Remember happiness does not depend on who you are or what you have.

It depends solely on what you think”

Dale Carnegie




Born in New Haven Connecticut, Rick discovered his love for the sport of bodybuilding at an early age. Looking through magazines, he aspired to become the best that he possibly could. He always felt a connection between body, mind and spirit. It really is a life style!


Growing up in a strong Italian family in Ansonia Connecticut, Rick built the foundation base for his competitive days from football, wrestling and martial arts training all through school. Excepting an offer from a friend after his graduation, Rick made the transitional move to the sunshine state of Florida. Through hard training and dedication Rick started winning shows in the State of Florida. Then Rick did what most bodybuilders do, made the move to Gold's Gym Venice, California.


Rick was one of the first individuals to start a personal training business at Gold's. He quickly began picking up clients. Training people came natural to him. He not only loved to help them achieve their goals but for the mutually respected friendships that are still going on today.  Some of Rick's clients included? Gregory Hines, Dennis Alexio, (Heavy Weight Full Contact Karate Champion), Sandra Taylor, Jeff Goldbloom, Chuck Woolery and Jermaine Jackson to name a few. Rick's next shows were the Mr. Los Angeles where he won the heavyweight class and California, which he was runner up in.


In the 80's and 90's photo shoots and casting calls were the norm around Gold's. It was at this time that Van Halen had its cast call for their album 5150. Valente got lucky again. Rick was featured holding up the Globe on the cover of Van Halen's 5150 Album. A feat for which he is still honored to this very day and the opportunities kept pouring in.


It was then that High Bar Productions had a casting call for their T.V. Show E.S.P.N.'s Body Shaping at Gold's. Rick went to the casting not knowing what to expect. The producers liked what they saw in him. Rick began co- hosting the show till the end. A ten year run and four years in syndication says something for his dedication and the popularity of the show. In the first five years, Body Shaping showed twice per day, gaining three million viewers daily. With a fan base in ninety countries, Rick was proud of bringing safe and proper training principles and techniques into people's homes, and personally answering his fan mail on a daily basis.


For an individual being in over forty commercials and on fifty magazine covers this man is an extremely humble and positive person. Rick is constantly giving back to his community. His self-produced website, YYIZE.COM, is an uplifting venue for people to show their passionate projects and stories. He supports several charities, including Meals on Wheels, and especially the National Veterans Foundation. Rick is also the national spokesperson for the world famous Ferrara Cafe and Bakery of New York City.